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How to make flipping book full screen initially?

Scene: I’m planning to use FlipBook Creator for MAC make a project for a museum. I have to create a flip book. The book has to be in full screen mode where you only see the book and flip through (touch screen). The problem is that I can create all of this with you software but still manually have to press full screen (in the right bottom). Is there a way I can create it that I don't have to do this and that it starts straight up in full screen mode?

At present our products include FlipBook Creator (Pro) for MAC doesn’t support this function of initial full screen mode for the Adobe security limitation. But I can tell you a effective method that we adopt it to make our own demo initially shown through triggering its start button. Please refer to the below JavaScript function:



Note: You should paste the JavaScript function in the <script type=”text/javascript”></script> label.


Next, you should paste the below HTML image and hyperlink labels on any place the the webpage to wait for triggering.

<a href="/flip-pdf/example" target="_blank" onclick="openwindow('/flip-pdf/example');return false;"><img src="images/examples.gif" width="180" height="135" border="0"></a>

Example: Please click this button demo-button and then you will view the demo flipbook in browser in full screen mode.

You should open the HTML file in webpage editing tool such as Dreamweaver or Notepage, etc. (you might place a button as above image HTML label <img src="images/examples.gif" width="180" height="135" border="0"> which is shown on webpage as a button, once you click it on the webpage, the flipping book will be shown in browser full screen mode directly).

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