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Common Problems

1 . How to make an online Flipbook on Mac?

2 . Search for words in a RTL (hebrew) Flipbook document.

3 . Is it possible to run the flip Page automatically in Flipbook Creator?

4 . How to make flipbook from PDF on Mac OS with FlipBook Creator Solution?

5 . Make Flash Flipping Book from PDF Easily.

6 . How to embed video in FlipBook by Flipbook Creator Professional?

7 . How to add button to my presentations FlipBook on my website?

8 . How to link directly to a specific page in the flipbook catalogue from an external source?

9 . Using Serif's Page Plus X6's PDF to create flipbook.

10 . FlipBook Creator converts PDF to Flipbook in 3 Easy Steps.

12 . Tutorial of Adding Text to Flash Flipping Book.

13 . Convert PDF to Flipbook with Table of Contents on Mac.

14 . Make Flipbook Readable Online via PC iPad iPhone Android.

15 . How to make the flash video play each time you open the page in flipbook.

16 . How to change page turn speed on individual pages.

17 . How to Make a Flash Flipbook on Mac?

18 . How to Put the Advert Banner to Flipbook?

19 . How to Add Link Tips into Flipbook?

20 . Create Flipbooks for client's catalogue and Add to Wordpress 3.1.

21 . How to Convert PDF to Flash Flipbook by Using FlipBook Creator?

22 . How do I have the pages turn automatically after a set time like 15 seconds?

23 . Is it possible to create a flip book that has a table of contents always available for the user to see?

24 . How to insert a picture to flipbook by using FlipBook Creator?

25 . How to create online wedding flipbook by using FlipBook Creator?

26 . How to link directly to a specific page in the flipbook catalogue from an external source?

27 . Using Serif's Page Plus X6's PDF to create flipbook.

28 . How to batch convert 5 separate documents to be merged into a single flipbook booklet?

29 . How do I insert audio into flip pages?

30 . How to make flipbooks that display on Apple mobile devices?

31 . How to Add Enrich Annotation Function to My Flipbook?

32 . How to Create Flipbook and Embed on WordPress sites?

33 . PDF File into a Flip Catalog Viewable on iPad.

34 . Online flipbook plays YouTube video in a pop-up window with FlipBook Creator Pro.

35 . A powerful flipbook converter which will retain my hyperlinks from my pdf.

36 . Can I save flipbook on CD and still functional?

37 . Is it possible to let the flip book to startup in one page Mode in the online (internet pc/mac) version?

38 . How to make a reservation button on the flipbook toolbar which link to my home page?

39 . How to add swf to flipbook by using FlipBook Creator Professional?

40 . How to use a single page flip effect in my flip ebook?

41 . How to remove advertising banner from the middle of all my flipbook?

42 . Tutorials & Guides about Flipbook Creator.

43 . How to add e-mail share button to triggers the clients mail-program in my flipbook?

44 . How to Add & Save Slideshows in Flipbook?

45 . How to set up table of contents for guiding readers to appointed flipbook page?

46 . How to Convert PDF to Flash Magazine in FlipBook Creator?

47 . How to Convert PDF to flipbook with wide pages?

48 . How to Make Flip Books for Mobile Devices in Flipbook Creator?

49 . How to Add Video to FlipBook Page in FlipBook Creator?

50 . How to sell flipbook online via BookCase?

51 . How to place Flipbook booklet on a CD drive and have the end user (both PC and Mac) play it back as designed-self running?

52 . How to add an email link to some text (for contact) on a flipbook page?

53 . Embed MP4 to page flipbook by using FlipBook Creator?

54 . Is it possible to set these flipbooks as private?

55 . Is it possible to make den extra sound layer above the background sound in my flipbook?

56 . How to set the default view to slide mode not to flip mode in my flipbook?

57 . Is it possible to host flipbook Bookcase on my own server?

58 . How to create links to the individual pages of the online PDF flip book?

59 . How can I make the flipbook be installed on a CD and have it self-executable whether the host computer is Mac or PC?

60 . How to create flipbook to Android tablet?

61 . How do I insert a single flipbook page into an existing project?

62 .How to create Flip Book embed code for embedding your flipbook anywhere on the internet?

63 .Where Can I Get More Languages for My Flipbook?

64 .How to add a Link into Flipbook to open a local video instead of embeds video player?

65 .Is it possible to have the background music running and also have a voice over on each flipbook page?

66 .How to make chapters in my flipbook?

67 .How to display my flipbook only one page at a time?

68 .How to insert audio files on each page spreads in my flipbook?

69 .How to create wedding album flipbook with panoramic spreads over two pages?

70 .How to have different animations (.swf files) play on the same page but once at a time?

71 .Create a flip book which has a rollover of a hand appear when rolling over the link.

72 .How to integrate any e-commerce features into the Flipbooks?

73 .How to add a flash game to my flipbook?

74 .Is it possible to assign multiple passwords for the same flipbook/magazine?

75 .How to attach the downloadable PDF to the flip book?

76 .Can I Burn My FlipBook to CD and Sell it?

77 .Is it possible to realize a document like a slideshow in my flipbook?

78 .Is it possible to apply Clipart to my flipbook pages?

79 .How to get the output flipbook file size back down?

80 .How to create the Arabic flip book and enable search function?

81 .How to add transparent background to flipbook?

82 .How to create serial of flipbook to be used in wordpress?

83 .How to call a JavaScript to open a window in my flipbook?

84 .How to drag and drop photos and add text to flipbook?

85 .How to Convert PDF to Flipbook and play on Samsung Galaxy Tablets?

86 .How to email flipbook and have it run by clicking the icon?

87 .How to add a flv video clip to several pages in my flipbook?

88 .Is it possible to manage the flipbook password online?

89 .How to add pop image to flipbook?

90 .How to replace a single page within the catalogue?

91 .Can flipping book allow the shopping cart to sell my flipbooks online?

92 How to view every flip book page in flipbook via different url?

93 .How to add youtube video to flipbook on mobile version?

94 .How to create flipping book with different pdf-files?

95 .How to Make Flip Books for Mobile Devices in Flipbook Creator?

96 .How to create digital magazine by Flipbook Creator?

97 .How to Add Video to FlipBook Page in FlipBook Creator?

98 .Create Your Own Flipbook Magazine on Mac.

99 .Add Bookmark to Flipbook on Windows.

100 .Introduce the ID from Google Analytics in Flipbook Creator?

101 .How Can I Add Facebook or Other Social Media Icon to Share My Flipbook?

102 .How Do I Insert a Dynamic Banner in the Flipbook

103 .How Does the Password Protect Flipbook Files?

104 .How to Provide A Search Button for Mobile Version of Flip Books?

105 .How to Automatically Generate Watermarks in Flipping Page Books?

106 .How to Edit or Modify Flipbook Pages?

107 .How Can I Upload Flipbook to My Website?

108 .Publish a Flipbook to A Facebook Fanpage.

109 .How to Converts PPT to Flipbook and add pictures, animation or graphics?

110 .How to Publish Flip Book Online to Dropbox?

111 .How to Batch Convert PDF to Flip Booklet?

General Problems

1 . If I re-download your products, How can I get the licence back?

2 . The best comprehensive Flipbooks sharing methods

3 . Pin rich media on Flash FlipBook to catch eyeball

4 . Embed flash flipbook in existed webpage but create a new one

5 . The best detailed instruction for Tab Design Setting

6. Completely control movie's playing or stopping

7. Flipbook creator and the relevent products allows people hide or show buttons freely

8. Photo to FlipBook make flipping electronic album with common photos

9. Make Word document into flash page flipping book with magical Flipping book publisher

10. How to adjust the output quality of flash flipbook?

11. Recommend several kinds of flash flipping book's sharing methods

12. Can I get compressed zip file for easy mailing as soon as all the flip files created?

13. FlipBook Creator Pro catch your eyes for the five powerful functions

14. Comparison between FlipBook Creator and FlipBook Creator Professional

15. Do you plan to share flipping book online?

16. Publish flipbook online without your own website?

17. How to install themes & template for FlipBook Creator (Pro)?

18. Teach you make personalized templates of flipbook creator (Pro)

19. Is your PDF flipping book searchable by keywords on search engines?

20. Integrate a flip page document this into a Wordpress website?

21. How to reedit the flipbook files has been created?

22. How add online flipbook background image?

23. How add online flipbook scenes?

24. How add online flipbook templete&themes?

25. How to add widget to show important info with plugin feature?

26. How to Create Wordpress flipbook Plug-in?

27. How to Create Drupal flipbook Plug-in?

28. How to Create Joomla flipbook Plug-in?

29. Add Google Analytics Code to Your flipbook Site?

FlipBook Creator

Universal FAQ

1 . Which book existing forms (zip, exe, CD, webpage file) do you require?

2 . How to publish PDF flash flipping page book online?

3 . Print brand, logo or watermark on flash flip eBook?

4 . Enable iPad, iPone, iPod touch, Android and other mobile readers to browse your flash flip page eBook?

5 . When should you choose output type: *.HTML, *.ZIP or *.EXE?

6 . Why only can I import the first 10 pages of PDF?

7 . How to protect output flash flipbook for security?

8 . Why hyperlinks on PDF are not valid after converting to flash page-turning book?

9 . Share flash page-turning eBook by email in the form of ZIP or URL?

10 . Export or import template project file?

11 . Are you encountering error "Class not registered"?

12 . How to modify language?

13. Can you burn the output flipping magazine to CD/DVD?

14. When I check the output type "*.exe", how to set it full screen?

15. Why can’t I get the mobile version flipbook render on Android or iPad?

16. How to get the upgrade information of FlipBook Creator (Pro)?

17. When you export the flip book the search feature does not work?

18. Can I share my output flash page-flipping book on Facebook?

19. How to display the flipping effect on mobile devices?

20. Do you have built-in mechanism to reduce flipbook size for web use?

21. Can I set the PDF catalog flipping page quality before import it?

22. Make flip page a stereoscopic effect by defining shadow?

23. Flip Magazine Maker for add password for protect your flipbook?

24. Use Flash Book Flipper to add a Home Button on your flipbook.

25. How can I add image watermark in my flipbook by Flip Book PDF software?

26. How can I delete watermark from flipbook by Digital Magazine Softwaer?

27. Can I change the pre-loader file in flipbook by Flip Catalog Software?

28. Use PDF to Flash Flipbook to control the width and height of flipbook.

29. Google Analytics the traffic of Flipbook with PDF to Flip Book Maker.

30. Set page ranges of PDF to import and convert with Digital Magazine Publishing Software.

31. How to output flipbook in Zip format by PDF to Flipbook Online Converter?

32. How to make PDF Flip Page Creator automatic detect wide pages?

33. Can we set page quality and size of import PDF with Page Flip Book Creator?

34. How to make the search function work in Digital Flipbook Software?

35. Use Flip Magazine Maker to make the URL links in your PDF still available.

36. Some tips for burn flipbook to CD with Flipbook Digital publishing Software.

37. How to create mobile version flipbook by Page Flip Software?

38.How many times we can use Page Flip Software after purchased it?

39. How to make flipbook speak by itself with Flipbook Maker Pro?

40. Can I add sound player into flipbook by Flipbook Digital Publishing Software?


1 . Hide bottom toolbar?

2. Make the flip-page brochure showed in full screen?

3. Do you want to put the flash flipbook to center or not?

4. Would you like to hide the flipping book page edge frame bar?

5. Can I flip the first and last page directly without successive flipping?

6. How can I zoom in the flash flipping catalog with ease?

7. Do you print one pdf page on two flipping page space?

8. How to hide tool-bar only show the page-flipping book itself?

9. Want use Online Catalog Maker Software to always show your flipbook's ToC

10. Use self publishing software to add Table of Content Manually

11. How to use Digital Magazine Maker to change the bookmark's font color of flipping book

12. Use PDF to Flip Book Maker to place Table of Content at the right of flash window.

13. Can I change background image of flipbook by Page Turning Maker?

14. Can I add background music into flipbook with PDF to Flip Book Creator?

15. Guideline for define flipbook page shade by Flash Flipbook Software


1 . Create flipping-page swf eBook run on PC?

2 . Want to use template to quick make flash flipping book?

3 . Enable readers to download your flash flipbook to their local PC disk?

4 . How to hide"Print" or other menu bar buttons?

5 .Do you want to switch solft cover to hard?

6. What does the button "Share" on flipbook’s menu bar do?

7. Does FlipBook Creator support Arabic language I mean flipping from right to left?

8. Would you like to put the Menu toolbar on top place of the whole flipping shopping catalog?

9. How can I remove your URL logo in the html of flipbook?

10. Can I make flipping right to left for Arabic?

11. Can I make the flipping papers like a calendar?

12. Why hyperlinks valid on the preview but local computer before unloading to websites?

13. Can I make my flipping book read on iPad?

14. Use PDF to Flip Page software to initial show the Table of Content.

15. How can I add logo icon on flipbook by Flip Book Maker?

16. How can I Add Email button on flipbook by Flip Magazine Software?

17. How can I let to readers share my flipbook on Twitter by Flash Flip Software?

18. How can I make my flipbook auto flip with use PDF to Flashbook Software?

19. can I select language for Flipbook with use PDF2Flash Software?

20. Can I change icon color of flipbook by Flash Flip Book Creator?

21. Can I use Digital Brochure Maker to change inner and outer background image of flipbook?


1. Can I make the zoomed flipbook hyperlinks valid?

2. Ban the print function built-in Neat type of template?

3. How to make music play in background of my Neat type flipping catalog?

4. How to control the size range of a zooming flipping page on Neat template?

5. How to hide Neat template button full screen?

6. How to change the color of search result of Neat template?

7. How to enables readers to select any from the language options freely?

8. How can I make my flipbook’s language switchable with Digital Magazine Maker?

9. Can I change page thickness with Flash Magazine Software?

10. How can I change the bar color for flipbook by Indesign to Flipbook Converter?

11. Right to Left, flexible flip ways provide by Online Catalog Maker.


1. Appoint a special flipping page display initially when open the flipping book?

2. Change the icon color on tool bar for flash online product catalog?

3. Can I hide the help icon of flipping digital product catalog?

4. How to replace background image with gradient or purer color for digital online catalog?

5. How to set the page thumbnails of flipping product Catalog magazine initial shown?

6. Can I change the bookmark font and color of flipping product catalog?

7. Make the thumbnails of flipping product catalog initial shown?

8. Use the roman number to mark the table of content of flipping product catalog?

9. How to prevent readers to print my online flipping book pages?


1. Can I print my brand on the calendar form of flipping flash book?

2. How to print my company logo on the Calendar template?

3. How to hide the full screen function button on the Calendar template?

4. Can I hide the Help button to make the flipbook look less cluttered?

5. How to enable others to print my flip page with my watermark?

6. How does the function Download work on Calendar template?

7. How to add background music on the Calendar template?


1. How to change the tool bar color of conciseness template?

2. How to make 4 corners of Conciseness flipping page more circular?

3. Can I widen the blank between content and page edge?

4. How to add items on the left blank place on Conciseness template?

5. How to change the items style on left Conciseness flipbook?

6. Can I change the bottom copyright text and style?

7. Change the color and style of functionality icons?

8. Can the Conciseness template grant to download file?


1. Can I change the color of flipping button on either side of the Lively template?

2. How the email share works on Lively type of template?

3. How to ban zoom on the Lively template?

4. How to make others share my flip page-turn books on social networks Linkedin, Twitter?

5. How to make my Lively book automatic flip when start up?


1. Can I make double page single flipping?

FlipBook Creator Pro

Universal FAQ

1.Would you like to batch convert PDF files to flipping books?

2. Make PDF into the executable flipping (exe) book?

3. How to make mobile version flipping book for iPhone, android phone?

4. How to define the output flipping book HTML title, keywords and description?

5. Save current settings of flipping book for future use?

6. Customize templates theme of your own style?

7. Are you finding software can convert PDF to executable flip magazine (exe)?

8. How to view PDF files like a page flipping magazine?

9. Can I make flipping magazine run in MAC computer?

10. Which flipping page do you make as default index when flipbook opened?

11. Does the mobile version of flipping book support sliding mode?

12. Does it provide dynamic animation background for the flipping book?

13. How Upload Online works?

14. How to cancel the reaction of enlargement as my mouse over the embedded image?

15. How to create a solid cover for flip book?

16. Does flip maker detects page width automatically?

17. How to use command line with Flipbook Creator Pro to build flip book?

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