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FlipBook Creator Professional


Powerful FlipBook Maker to Make Flash & Html5 Flip Books

  • Quickly and easily create unlimited publications with 3D realistic page-flipping effect;
  • Integrate Multimedia objects(video, audio, flash, graphics ...) to flipbook pages;
  • Support make a flipbook with HTML5; Works on most browsers and mobile devices;
  • Generate offline versions for Win (.EXE ) or Mac OS (.APP).
  • Quick loading; Small output flipbook SWF size (less then 400KB)
  • 400+ pre-designed templates help create professional flipbook online;
  • 700+ pre-designed backgroud image online for flipbook design
  • 300+ online fantastic scenes to make flipbook with animated background
  • Publish and share any publication instantly by flippagemaker's cloud services;
  • Share your flipbooks via popular social networks such as facebook Twitter and more;
  • Batch publishing of digital publicaiton with Command Line;
  • Advertising Banner - add advertising banners to the top and right side of the flipbook;
  • Receive Lifetime Upgrades, support and a Lifetime License with purchase;
  • 30 day money back guarantee!
    Platforms: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    (Click here for the Mac version:
    FlipBook Creator Professional for Mac).
    See our specially designed: Alpha templates 1.0.0.

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    • Overview
    • Features
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    • How It Works
    • Vs Standard

    FlipBook Creator Professional is a profession type of flipbook software to convert PDF files to page- flipping digital publications. It allows you to embed videos (youtube, vimeo and more..), images, audio, graphics, slideshow, button, flash, hyperlinks, hotspots and more multimedia objects to flipbook pages. Let your users view flipping Flash digital magazines from any computer or mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) in a convenient way.


    FlipBook Creator Professional can preserve hyperlinks, bookmarks, Table of Contents, and text orientation from your original PDF file. Embed video (including You Tube or Flash), add graphics and buttons, and insert JavaScript for a more interactive multimedia experience. You can publish your pdf to flipbook on the web or share it on social networking sites, and via email. You can even save it to USB devices and burn it to CD/DVD. The choice is yours!

    PC WORD award flipbook creator



    New book theme for FlipBook Creator is avaliable now. The free template for flip books of Bench style is online now.



    FlipBook Creator online publishing  - FlipBook makerPublish flipbooks online instantly

    FlipBook Crearor's integrated online cloud service allows you to share any publication instantly, right from the FlipBook Crearor's program menu easily make a flipbook and instantly publish it to the online in a convenient way. No need to use any third party tool. Easily manage the uploaded flipbooks on the FlippageMaker Online server. Share the flipbooks by sending the URLs to others.

    More see FlipBook Crearor's online upload service


    Multimedia Support

    Mutlmedia connecting Soicla networksEasily intergrate multimedia objects into your flipbook. You can add .flv, .f4v and .mp4 video files as well as .swf. You also can add JavaScript to control actions or insert hyperlinks and email addresses. In addition to inserting images and graphics, you can insert lines, buttons, add notes and highlight areas or add text. Be as innovative as you like.

    More see add youtube video to flipbook.



    Android and Apple iPhone and iPad

    Mobile Device Support

    Make digital publications and run on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android-powered devices. It's more easy for you to view the publication on the go and share the turning page ebooks with anyone around the world

    You can create HTML5 compatible flipbook for mobile devices that do not support Flash. Choose from one of three output display modes: flip, single flip or slide. The mobile version of flip book can be viewed on iPad, iPhone and Android devices

    More see View flipbook in Tablets & Mobile Devices


    Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration in flipbookThis feature allows your readers to share the flipbooks, with this Pro version software, creating social media supported flipbook is easy. Your readers could share the flipbooks they like via email or social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

    More see: Social Networks Sharing




    Result Tracking and Reporting - FlipBook maker

    Google Analytics Integration

    Track how many people view your flipbook, what links they click on and how many times they forwarded a link to the Flipbook to a friend.

    All you need to is to enter your Google Analytics UA. For more information about Google Analytics, please visit

    Learn more about add Google Analytics to flipbook



    Table of contentscreate Table of contents for flipbook

    Any page of the book can be reached in a moment with table of contents.

    • Make your publications more useful and attractive for users and allow them to use the structured view using the original PDF's bookmarks or contents.
    • Create customized table of contents as you like if the imported PDFs don't have bookmarks.
    • Edit the original PDF's bookmarks freely when you want to modify it's structure.

    More see add table of content to flipbook


    Set a password for your flipbook publicationSet a password for your Flipbook

    This feature allows you to protect your publications from unauthorized access. All you need to do is to add a password for your publication. Your audiences will be prompted to type password when opening the protected publication.

    More see: How do you protect your published flipbooks


    Search capabilities

    Search capabilities SEO in Flipbook

    FlipBook Creator Pro can generate html files for search-engines to index. Once you submit one of these files to the search engines, your publications will be able to be searchable in search engines.

    More see: SEO for FlipBook


    add Advertising Banner in flipbookAdvertising Banner

    Add advertising banners around the flipbook. Now your document can generate ad space revenue.
    An URL can be specified to a banner. When your readers click on the banner, they will be re-directed to the website.

    You can also add an instruction banner to the left hand side of the book.



    Let Assistant Tell Your Story for You

    Cartoon flipbook pages narratorSelect an animated Assistant to narrate your audio. All you need to do is write your script. When you’ve found the right story, generate audio with our built-in speech engine. If you prefer, import other recorded audio to apply to any pages you select (mp3 format).

    Learn more about making audio books


    FlipBook publishing  - FlipBook maker Professional

    Bring Backgrounds to Life

    There are multiple pre-designed dozens of stunning and animated scenes embedded ( dynamic 300+ scenes and 700+ background and 400+ themes online) for you to decorate your books now. Different templates, different layout, different tool bar buttons...

    Apply an animated background from a variety of free built-in scenes. Enjoy rippling waters, watch autumn leaves fall, or simply let it snow.Make your pdf to flipbook really come alive.

    Learn more about add Animated Backgrounds to flipbook

    More see:

    How to add online flipbook background image?

    How to add online flipbook scenes?

    How to add online flipbook templete&themes?

    Powerful Flip Book Settings

    Powerful FlipBook Settings - FlipBook maker Professional

    Change your Publication Title, turn on/off certain toolbar buttons, turn on/off the sound when the pages are flipped or even Password protect your Flipbook. Add an image to the left of your Flipbook such as an advert or viewer instructions.
    Set Background: Change the background color or use an image for the background.
    Include Copyright Settings: print watermarks (text, image, dynamic date/ time etc) to your flip book to distinguish your style from others. Include book titles, keywords, description and other metadata. Produce your own logo, write your company info in About, or include a slogan. It's entirely up to you!



    Batch PDF to Flash Flipbook Conversion

    FlipBook Creator provides batch PDF to flash flipbook conversion with an intuitive feature set that anyone can understand. Better yet, FlipBook Creator fully automated. For example, FlipBook Creator can search your through folders for PDF to convert. and make you be able to publish or create multiple documents at one time and merge all files to one.
    More see Batch convert PDFs to flip book.



    Free Themes&TemplatesPre-set FlipBook themes - FlipBook maker Professional

    Download any of our beautiful 300+ ree Themes &Templates directly or from within the Templates panel in FlipBook Creator Professional. You can even customize templates to your own style and save to use at a later time. Themes &Templates are the best way to produce excellent digital flip books quickly and efficiently.





    Command line to Convert pdf to flipbookCommand line

    The command line feature is provided for the advanced users. You can finish a publishing of digital publication with command line. This feature allows you to call and run flipbook creator Pro from command line or event your own application. 



    Integrates BookShelf tool

    Personal Assistant & Text Reader in flipbook

    FlipBook Creator integrates BookShelf tool which could be the best tool to help you build digital library to store and manage eBooks. All books you published on eFlip Server can be collected and shown in your bookcase page automatically, you can easy manage and share the books via using the wonderful and realistic BookCase tool.

    More see: Flipbook Bookshelf


    Dynamically Advertising Banner - FlipBook CreatorDynamically Advertising Banner

    Inserting advertising banner into your page flip book is an eminently practical way to promote and advertise your product or service with page turning magazine, brochure and catalog. For one thing, it makes your html5 flip book attractive; for another, it can help you to deliver your readers more associated information conveniently. It only supports images advertising banner so far.


    WordPress Plugin Integration

    WordPress Plugin Integration- FlipBook maker

    Plug-ins can extend Wordpress to do many things you can think of. FlipBook Creator provides a flipbook plug-in output options for users. Compared with embedding the code, installing the flipbook plug-in and embed into WordPress, Joomla and Drupal website has never been so easier.


    Optimized Performance for Ipad- FlipBook CreatorOptimized Performance for Ipad

    Due to the HTML5 technology, flipbook creator allows users to view the page turning publication on iPad to have a wonderful reading experience. Furthermore, users can select flip mode or slide mode to view flip book and zoom in without blur with the page flip software.


    Publish Online Directly via FTP

    Publish Online Directly via FTP - FlipBook maker

    Flipbook creator allows user to upload the page flip book online via the FTP client up-loader. The flip book can be uploaded by clicking “publish” button and select “to FTP” to start transmitting the generated file to FTP server. Users are able to customize the upload directory, file folder easily. Obviously, it is a fast way to publish flip book online.


    Notes and Bookmark Friendly - FlipBook CreatorNotes and Bookmark Friendly

    If users would like to add notes to mark reference points or important sections on the flip page, add annotation function will help a lot. Then bookmark function is helpful to mark a page of the publication for future use. However, it is easy to apply and simple to customize.


    Single Page & Double Page View

    Single Page & Double Page View - FlipBook maker

    Flipbook creator allows users to select a proper mode between single and double page mode to browse page flip book. Furthermore, it always displays double page as default actually. By the way, users are able to change the mode while you are customizing the flipbook settings.


    FlipBook publishing  - FlipBook maker Professional

    Deliver Publications Everywhere

    The output flipbook can be exported with following options:

    • Publish Flash Flipbook  to FlipBook Creator's Cloud Services;
    • Upload the published Flash\html5 Flipbook to Web ;
    • Generate Flipbook ZIP package for email;
    • Produce stand-alone Windows (.exe) or Mac (.APP)  for CD delivery;
    • Export as HTML5 files for mobile view
    • Built-in FTP client, which allows you to upload the digital publication to your FTP server directly.
    • Enables users to publish for screensaver format in the Flipbook creator pro



    Free product updates for lifetime!

    Buy once, use forever

    Free Flipbook Creatorproduct updates for life!

    This might be hard to believe but buying flipbook creator not only gets you the latest version but all future flipbook creator updates free.

    flipbook creator standard is desktop software that you can locally install on a PC computer. Unlike other online PDF to Flash book services, it gives you total control of the whole production and has no limitations of the number of PDF files. With it, you can create as many interactive online flipbooks as you wish for your own company or for your clients, and all features are included.
    More see Flipbook Creator's refund policy...


    We Promise

    • SECURE

      We value your privacy and protect your financial and personal data with full encryption and advanced fraud protection.

    • 100% CLEAR

      Our software is free of any forms of malware or virus. It is safe to install and run.


      Knowledgeable representatives available to assist you through email within 1 business day.

    FlipBook Creator Professional for Windows:

    • Converts PDF files to flip book based on Adobe Flash for web publishing;
      • Supports selecting PDF page range for import;
      • Preserves hyperlinks, bookmarks, Table of Contents and text orientation from your PDF file;
      • Provides choice of hundreds of settings to configure the look and feel of your flip book;
      • Provides a wide range of built-in templates or free online templates and themes;
      • Automatically detect bleeds in PDF;
      • Automatically adjust different page sizes in PDF;
      • Set page quality and size, contains five levels;
      • Supports editing an existing template and saving it as new for later use;
      • Allows printing of your brand logo (watermarks: text, image, date/ time, etc) to label your flip book;
      • Allows you to write meta title, description and keywords for web SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when output format is
      • Supports editing descriptions of function buttons for readers who speak other languages;
      • Allows showing or hiding any button (search, print, magnify, page index, About, share, etc) you want;
      • Supports adding background music and control over playing intervals;
      • Supports auto flip pages and control over the time interval;
      • Supports making original PDF file available for download;
      • Allows settings to be saved for further use;
      • Supports password protection for flip books;
      • Supports saving projects for editing on a different computer or at a later time;
      • Supports Google Analytics traffic tool;
      • Supports real time preview;
      • Supports webpage output for publishing online;
      • Supports .exe output for running as a standalone Windows application;
      • Supports .zip output for sharing by email;
      • Supports APP for running on Mac as a standalone application;
      • Output it as stand-alone EXE for CD delivery;
      • Publish it as HTML which allows you to upload to a website to be viewed online. It also provides the HTML code to for webpages;
      • Provides online publication of your flip books on our host service;
      • Collects and shows the online flip book on our service in bookcase;
      • Allows readers to add annotations like text note and shapes on flip pages;
      • Allows creating bookmark tabs with caption and page index;
      • Import bookmarks, file text content together with PDF, make PageFlip book more flexible;
      • Comprehensive built-in search engine for word, sentences, or numbers;
      • Insert title and metatags descriptions and meta keywords;
      • Output your PDF/image/Flash to flip book as HTML, EXE, and ZIP.
      • Publish for viewing on mobile devices (iPhone,iPad, iPod Touch, and even Android-powered devices)
    • You can insert multimedia object and features in flipping pages include insert video (online or not), link (hyperlink, page link and email address link), Javacript, Autio (sound), flash (SWF and FLV), text (dynamic or not), image (single or multple photo slideshow), line, graphic, button, add notes, highlight area, set print area, etc.

    Output Flash Flip Book Features:

    • Includes three options for page turning:
           1. Dragging the page corner
           2. Using the Previous and Next buttons
           3. Using page thumbnails
    • Supports automatic page turning;
    • Includes option to turn background music on/off;
    • Share flip books with friends on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, etc...;
    • Switch to full screen display;
    • Print any page;
    • Ability to "loop" flip book animations;
    • Search content using keywords;
    • Enlarge flip book to enable easier reading;
    • Share flip book hyperlink via email;
    • Download any file you attached to the flip book;
    • View and interact with multimedia objects;
    • Drag or click on the corner of a page to flip to the next page;
    • View with pre-loading needed pages to open quickly; do not need to wait all pages loaded;
    • Use button to control page, such as Previous, Next, Cover, Backcover etc;
    • Flip pages automatically or manually;
    • View page-flipping ebook full screen;
    • Use thumbnail to navigate;
    • Zoom in/ out both pages;
    • Turn on or turn off the page-turning sound;
    • Double click to change to the thumbnail mode;
    • Input password to unlock encrypted pages;
    • View flipbook repeatedly;
    • Download the original PDF from web site directly;
    • Share eBook url via email;
    • Add bookmark when reading;
    • Tag mode option for bookmark;
    • Flexible zoom options have been added: mousewheel zoom, double-click zoom, click flipbook buttons to zoom etc
      Mini mode supported;
    • Support printing flipbook in most browsers.

    screenshots for FlipBook maker Professional






    Three steps to create flash flip eBooks from PDF (FlipBook Creator Pro)

    steps for FlipBook maker Professional

    FlipBook Creator vs. FlipBook Creator Professional

    Item Features FlipBook Creator FlipBook Creator Pro


    Convert PDF files to Adobe© Flash® based flip books




    Output in different formats: HTML, EXE, Zip, Mac App, Mobile version and Burn to CD




    Apply pre-designed templates




    Batch convert multiple PDF files to single or multiple flip books




    Unlimited online views and broadband (flippagemaker cloud hosting)




    Easy user administration - No education or programming knowledge needed




    HTML sitemap til Search Engine Optimization (SEO)




    Insert title and metatags descriptions and meta keywords




    Insert your own tracking code from your standard provider (e.g. Google Analytics) for visits of your online publication




    Animated teaser / banner for your online publication to place at your WEB site




    Optimized for 1024 x 768 resolution, your readers will get the best experience and avoid scrolling to see complete layout




    Browser compatibility: Explorer • Safari • Firefox • Mozilla • Chrome • AOL • NetScape




    Unlimited online views and broadband (flippagemaker cloud hosting)




    Import bookmarks, hyperlinks, email links, from PDF files




    Add watermarks, text, image, dynamic date/ time




    Add Image or Flash logo




    Add HTML title containing hyperlink to webpage




    Customize template details such as margins, background images, page display orientation, cover type




    Add Help config to manually define content using images or SWF




    Customize toolbar buttons to set permissions for downloading, printing, sharing and more




    Export and save settings for future use




    Choose from multiple languages for your flip book




    Password protect your flip books




    Add Minime style to display flip books without the toolbar




    Include titles, keywords and other metadata for HTML output




    Save themes for later use




    Replace existing icons on toolbar by editing Icon Flash file




    Add new icons to toolbar with calling actions




    Add About button to show contact or other information




    Insert images to the imported pages




    Edit pages by adding links (web page/web/Javascript function)




    Embed FLV movie and/or YouTube video




    Add sound to pages




    Embed SWF flash




    Insert buttons on pages to link, call Javascript function, or play Flash or

    other video in pop up window




    Use command line to convert PDF files without opening the application




    Insert static or dynamic text, single or multiple photo slideshow, lines,

    graphics, buttons




    Call Javacript, add notes, highlight a specific area, set print area




    Add animated scenes




    Insert animated figure to narrate designated dialogue




    Upload created flipbook online without export directly




    Show uploaded e-book in a bookcase, design your own bookcase and upload the bookcase online




    Allow readers to add annotations on flip pages