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How to make my page-flipbook show the current page number?

You would view the page flipping icons (left or right arrows) on the output flipping book menu tool bar. FlipBook Creator for MAC allows you to control it shown or not. In fact, if show the current number would enables readers know of what page they read more clearly. Only show flip icons would make the whole menu tool bar brief and simple. Base on different requirements, you can choose which is more proper.

Step1: launch FlipBook Creator for MAC.
Step2: Turn to the left “Design Settings” area, access the options “Tool Bar Settings --> Title Bar --> Page Number Box On Bottom”.
Step3: checked on the afterward checkbox “Yes”.
Step4: click the top icon “Apply Change”.


FlipBook Creator for MAC the current page number shown or not

At that time, you could check the preview window to confirm the page numbers shown.



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