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Replace the default icons on toolbar of flip-book with the new designed one?

Sometime, an idea would come up replacing the icons on the toolbar but you have no idea how to engage. Making it more amazing and appealing, you wish the FlipBook creator provides this entrance allows you to design the refreshed icons for the tool bar. At present, you can view some icons such as full screen, share, social share, zoom, audio, etc. In fact these icons are all the built-in. That is to say, you adopt the designing style we provide but your own imaginations. Before teach you how to design your own pattern icons type, you have to download a flash editing software named: Adobe Flash Professional Version(Flash CS3/4/5). And then you can download the flash files we provides from the below download links:

<1> Click here to Get CS3 version
<2> Click here to Get CS4 version
<3> Click here to Get CS5 version

You should open the file “FlipResource.fla” in the Adobe Flash Professional. And then…


1 Open the flash icon files in the panel "Library".

2 Drag it into the flash editing window.

3 Modify the icon with tools or just replace with your own icon (don't change the icon names and links).

4 Finally click "File->Export->Export SWF" to save the modified icons in the form of flash swf file.


replace the default icon swf file with the new edited icon file

Finally, you should do as below:
Turn to the settings area, access to the options “Tool Bar Settings --> Button Icons --> Icons File (Swf Only)”. You know, you should load the swf file edited just now in.


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