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Why I can’t register it successfully with the license you provided?

Scene: I just purchased your product & the REGISTER KEY does not work!  I am angry-I needed this right now.  Please send me the register key now.
When you just encounter this situation, please calm down. You must feel cloudy about it. Next, I will raise 3 points to give you the useful solutions.

1 Copy the license code I sent you and then come to the FlipBook Creator for MAC register form and then right click paste it in. (in fact you needn't enter the license code manually)

2 If it still can't work out, you should confirm what sort of system does you use and then use the Root permission (Administration) to log in and then register FlipBook Creator for MAC.

3 To get over the problem of registration, reg.cfg (Note: please open with Notepad and then enter your license in and save) is required (You can download it from here). And then you have to find the direction "/Users/user/Library/Application Support/FlipBuilder/FlipPDF" (the installation directory).  If you couldn't find it, the only solution for you is visit the directory ~/Library/Application Support/ and then create the directory /FlipBuilder/FlipPDF and then put reg.cfg in.

Finally register FlipBook Creator for MAC with the previous license you got after purchase. Now FlipBook Creator for MAC can be valid.


Note: If it is the Professional MAC version, please modify the above path as " /Users/user/Library/Application Support/FlipBuilder/FlipPDFPro".


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