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The theme AIR provides marvellous looks and feel

  • AIR also provides 4 free templates help quick create interactive online vivid flipbooks.
  • Save time and energy on the designing, only several minutes.
  • No nees to install assistant software, import and apply to plain PDF easily.
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FlippingBook AIR Theme for FlipBook Creator Professional


Green plant creates oxygen for life. And forest provides enough fresh air impressing people for its high aero-anion. This theme Air provides four templates like paintings by sunshine, air, water and green trees. They help you make plain digital book into unbelievable interactive online publication. Import them to FlipBook Creator (Pro) and then select one applying to your PDF, finally you must feel surprised because of the output flipping book look so nice and unforgettable. Within several minute and without designing workload, you still can build outstanding online publications with ease.


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AIR Theme Screenshot


green fresh air


moonlight bubble


green sunshine