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The theme Fastigiate for Digital Product Catalog

  • Theme Fastigiate scatter colorful and amazing lights to adorn your digital catalog.
  • By import it templates in panel, you can apply any one to the flipping effect.
  • You can easily get it without any payment and earn much benefit quickly.
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Free Theme of Templates for FlipBook Creator (Professional) & Enables you build Fantastic Digital Product Catalog


This theme of Fastigiate exhibits you five marvelous senses of templates. The fastigiated colorful lights adorn the flipping digital catalog background, make it charming and elegant. Each template provides unique style for quick complete the workload of creating flipping product catalog, comic, magazine, book, etc. Importing the templates in the FlipBook Creator (Pro) template panel, when need it, directly adopt the imported template to apply to the current PDF. You can fast create a digital online catalog within few minutes.


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Fastigiate Theme Screenshot


colorful fastigiate lines


scattered fire lines



magic modern lines