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The theme Scarecrow provides marvellous looks and feel

  • It is the templates library for you building professional page-flip flash book in one minute.
  • It takes little time but build amazing output effect of flipping and others humanized interactions.
  • Install quickly and easy to use without any assistant operations.
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FlippingBook Scarecrow Themes for FlipBook Creator Professional


Scarecrow always comes up in croplands for scaring birds that plan to peck the grain. You know although the birds look like thin but they are the strong enemy who own the power of destroying plants.  If farmer kill them with poison, there are some more serious things would happen for example the livestock could eat the dead birds and then die too. To avoid the greater loss, farmer place many mannequins that could be understand to be real human being by birds or other threat living. Actually, those scarecrows become special scenery in the countryside. Here we adopt artistic men of straw pictures to make charming flipbook templates collection. Scarecrow is your building flipbook library. To your surprised, all the templates are free for you.


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Scarecrow Themes Screenshot


clouds and jack of straw


maple leaf man of straw in the wind


colorful scarecrow