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The theme Seabed for Digital Product Catalog

  • Seabed makes you enjoy the colorful bottom of sea and build unforgetable flipping catalog or books with real flipping effect.
  • All the templates Seabed includes 4 templates absolutely free for you.
  • The black templates send out the power of calm and tranquility impress people.
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Free Theme of Templates for FlipBook Creator (Professional) & Enables you build Cool Black Style Digital Product Catalog


Seabed contains infinite treasure, moreover provides us food, fuel, even challenge or danger. Our heart admires and reveres the full sea for its mysterious charm. This themes Seabed takes us to explore the great sea. You will find 4 templates theme-related seabed plant, animal and sealed objects. The heart and soul must be quite more relaxed than before. One minute, there burn a really hot page-flipping book. You find interesting and read it with love. The common electronic book instantly becomes enjoyable and incredible. Either you or the readers feel surprised for its vivid flipping effect and attractive appearance. This theme can be imported on the premise of FlipBook Creator (Professional). Anyway, first you have to install any one before use it.


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Seabed Theme Screenshot


blue seabed


pink seabed



green seabed