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The theme Silk provides marvellous looks and feel

  • The Silk fabric gives people a impression that luxurious and elegent.
  • Improve the temperament of your plain digital publications, win much attention..
  • Easy templates importing and applying make your work efficiently.
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Silk fabric is renowned Chinese and foreign. You might not know of its developing history. They say Legend gives credit for developing silk to a Chinese empress, Leizu (Hsi-Ling-Shih, Lei-Tzu). Silks were originally reserved for the Kings of China for their own use and gifts to others, but spread gradually through Chinese culture and trade both geographically and socially. Until now, almost all the people in the world know of it. Now we adopt this element to make online publication templates. The theme Silk provides 4 free flipping book templates enable you to quick create amazing flash flipbook within several minutes saving you much time. Nay the output flipbook is not common anymore for its special Chinese silk decorations.


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Silk Theme Screenshot


silver silk


deep pink silk


light pink silk