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The theme Stone Wall for Product Catalog

  • The stone wall of old buildings recall our child memory.
  • It brings the heaviness and traces of history to us soul.
  • Fresh and natuural make us relax.
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I don’t know whether you feel the mysterious and the heaviness of history when you view some old buildings. The ruins or the well-preserved always enable us to cut through space and time to an absolutely different place that our ancestors had lived or studied. We are deep interested in those historical traces that definitely do not belong to this period because of human curiosity or pry into others private life. Do you like stone wall, in the last poor days, people lived in the stone house, and they seems to be used to that life without any complaint. Nowadays, most of people live, work or study in the different advanced adornment and complete facilities tall buildings. We don’t know whether you would recall the memory of stone wall?

The templates of theme Stone Wall pour the pure antique keynotes. Bring you the long absence feeling of romantic. Hang the product digital catalog in the atmosphere, the catalog itself is added classical temperament. This is one of the significations the old building’ wall or any other adornments could bring to us.


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Stone Wall Themes Screenshot


green stone backgound


small pieces of stones wall



cement and stone wall