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FlipPageMaker eBook Publisher freeware

  • Freeware used for editing text and rtf documents;
  • Provide full text tools to create rich contents;
  • Facilities for copy/paste/cut to edit eBook with ease;
  • Insert table and hyperlink, hide content when necessary;
  • Find/Replace tool enable to design an eBook in a short time;
  • Save eBook into Doc/PDF file;
  • If you want to publish common e-documents to HTML5 flipping book, you would in need of FlipBook Creator (Pro).



  • Introducion

Free eBook Publisher is completed freeware released by FlipPageMaker. It is a comprehensive application that was built as a converting and publishing utility for creating professionally formatted content. With the help of this application users can easily add Text and RTF files and create Doc and PDF archives.


To provide eBooks that satisfied readers’ appetites, let’s know more about what eBooks actually are. EBook is electronic, downloadable books that can easily be accessed on a wide range of eReader devices and platforms, like Apple iPad, Mobile device, and your home computer. Millions of customers discover new ways to purchase and read eBooks every day. Free eBook Publisher is such practical application that will help to achieve the critical first step successfully.






Then what can you do with Free eBook Publisher?


Screenshot of Free eBook Publisher


Double Import and Output Selections


  • Import Text and RTF files;
  • Output to Doc or PDF format;
  • Create blank new file;
  • Setup page layout contains Page Size, Margins, and Orientation.

    Professional Text Editing Tools


  • General font styles, font size, font color;
  • Highlight a part of the page by change it black border, inclined, underlined, or shaded of color;
  • Shrink font size and hang the text to top or bottom right corner. You may need it when edit formula and function;
  • Text alignment ensures the eBook pleasing and inviting;
  • Copy/Cut/Paste operation would help to save a lot of time.

    Full Assistive Tools


  • Spell Check to avoid spelling mistake;
  • Hide a part of the page content when necessary;
  • Find text content with Find helper;
  • Find and replace text quickly;
  • Add frames to selected part;
  • Add table to anywhere on pages.
  • Insert hyperlink to targeted part.

    All in all, Free eBook Publisher is powerful application for publishing eBooks. It is free, even though it provides many useful features. When the install is complete, please remember to feed back your name and email, we will send you kind email when there is newer version. To convert the exported PDF file to flip page turning magazine, flash brochure, or manual with multimedia, you can refer to FlipBook Creator (Pro). Flip e-publication that support HTML5 and Web 2.0 will be greatly welcomed!





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