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FlipBook Creator for iPhone

1. Can I make flipping book wholly for iPhone?

2. Does it provide template?

3. How to give my iPhone flipping book a table of content?

4. How to make iPhone book cover hard?

5. How to make the sixth page shown initially?

6. Can I change the book margin the distance between top and book page?

7. How to modify the hyperlink color when mouse hover it?

8. Can I monitor the traffic of the iPhone flipping books?

9. Why can’t I see the social share button on the iPhone flipbook?

10. Can I make hyperlink on flipping page opened in a new webpage?


Office to FlipBook Professional

Universal FAQ

1. Does it preserve the hyperlinks in the Word after converting to flipbook?

2. Can I search specific words on the page-flipping novel?

3. Limit the PPT page range of importing before become flipping book?

4. How to make high quality flash flipping book with common office files?

5. Can I just import part of the doc pages optionally for building flipbook?

Edit Pages

1. Can I embed movie for my office WORD flipping book?

2. Can I convert my office files to flipping book and embed audio music?

3. How to print part of content on the flipping page?

4. How to apply one swf to other flipping pages in the same position?

5. How to copy the animated objects to other flipping page at the same position?

6. How to delete the embedded media objects on the flipping page?

7. Can I set a button on flipping pages for controlling audio play or stop?

8. How to embed a button on flipbook to open a new hyperlink?

9. Make the music play music when enter the flipping page and stop leave the page?


1. How to setup a proper amplifying for the flipping page viewing clearly?

2. Can I custom the highlight color of searching result on the flipping page?


1. How to print a logo on my page-flip book?

2. Would you like to allow others to print the page-flip book with your brand printed?

3. Can I move the page number box to the bottom of flipbook panel?



1. Would you like to limit reading of the flipping book with password?


Word to FlipBook

Universal FAQ

1. Make word document pages flip horizontally like a book?

2. Why texture background disappears after convert word to flash flipbook?


1. How to custom the color of the hyperlink on flipping page when mouse move on?


Photo to FlipBook

Edit Photos

1. Can I make a digital cool-album or product catalog with special flipping effect?

2. Can I change the margin among the inner pages of the flipping digital album?

3. Can I custom the page width and height of flip digital gallery?

4. How to add images to the digital album flipping layout?

5. How to add new page for creating page-flipping digital album?


1. Do you save current settings as txt file for further usage?


FlipBook Creator Server

1. How to make creating flipbook as a background service?

2. How to make the hyperlinks imported into the flipbook?

3. Change the monitor directory of flipping paper task?

4. Can I batch create digital catalogs as EXEs for Windows?

5. Are there some templates for quick building flipping paper?

6. The output flip-paper can be viewed on iPhone, iPad or Android devices?

7. How to limit the page range which won’t be converted to flipping papers?

8. Are there quality options for output flipping papers?

9. Can it make zip format HTML5 flipbook for email?

10. Why the output HTML5 flipbook cannot be searched?

11. Can I custom the keywords of the HTML5 flipping brochure for search engine?

12. How to make the output flipping brochures support Google analysis?

13. Would you like to describe the HTML5 flipbook for SEO?

14. Can I make exe format of flipbook initial full screen?

15. Can I export the current flipbook settings as TXT for later?

16. How to import the settings txt file in FlipBook Creator for MAC?

17. Would you like to create task of batch building flipping papers?

18. Make it automatic start when operation system startup?

19. How to hide the Thumbnails button?


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